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Honest Amish classic beard oil is manufactured by Honest Amish.

The model number is Beard_Oil_CLASSIC-CA.

Its length, width, and height dimensions are 1.38 by 1.38 by 2.95 inches.

It is basically used for beard conditioning.

It is suitable for all beard types.

It is mineral oil free.

It has a classic scent.

It has a liquid volume of 2 fluid ounces.

It is handcrafted in the USA.

Only comprised of natural and organic ingredients.

It contains the following organic oils: apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, golden jojoba oil, kukui oil, moringa oil, sweet almond oil, virgin argan oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil.

It is one of the most trusted beard brand world over.


Apply adequate amount to a slightly damp beard.




Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil Positive Customer Reviews

It cures dandruff.

It is an excellent moisturizer and conditioner.

Softens and smoothens the beard.

Has a great, pleasant scent that is not overpowering.

Helps to easily style your beard.

Great for taming a wiry, rough, and rugged beard.

Good for sensitive skin.

It absorbs nicely and does not leave any residue on your hands.

Leaves your skin and hair shaft moisturized and well nourished.

Can deal with itchy, flaky beard.

Good quality oil for a decent price.

A small amount lasts for a whole day.


Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil Negative Customer Reviews

Has a pungent smell.

Too oily.

May cause a rash in some people.

May make your face burn.

Contains DH-T inhibiting almond oil. This ingredient has not been mentioned as one of the ingredients present in the oil.


Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil Customer Questions and ANSWERS

Question: What is the difference between the beard balm and beard oil?

Answer: The beard balm is a pomade manufactured by mixing, heating, and cooling moisturizers and sealants. The oil on the other hand is a leave-in moisturizer and conditioner manufactured by mixing carrier oils with essential oil blends or fragrance oils.


Question: Can I use this oil with the balm? Or should I only use one or the other?

Answer: It depends on how long your beard is. If yours is a trimmed short beard, then both can be used. The oil is useful for the skin and makes the beard easy to comb. The balm is useful in styling the beard.


Question: How can I use it and how many times?

Answer: If you have a long beard, you can use a dropper to place the oil directly on your skin, particularly in spots where the skin tends to get dry. You can then use your fingers and hands to work it on your skin and through your bed. You can follow this routine on a daily basis after showering.

For a long beard, for instance 10 inches or above, you can add 15 drops of the oil in your palm, rub your hands together, and then massage it into the beard. Thereafter, you can use a brush to ensure thorough penetration.


Question: Does the oil come with the dropper shown in the picture?

Answer: Yes it does.


Question: What is the smell of Honest Amish classic beard oil and how long does it linger after applying it?

Answer: Honest Amish classic beard oil smells like clove oil that is mixed with black licorice. The smell is subtle when first applied and lingers for about 20 minutes, then gradually fades away.


Question: I have both the wax and the oil. Can I use both of them together, or I should use them separately?

Answer: It depends on your beard and your preference. If you are just starting to grow your beard, use the oil to help soften your whiskers, especially if they are tough and wiry. The oil is also suitable for mustaches because they tend to be tougher and dry due to exposure to hot and cold liquids. The balm is most suitable on beards, especially if long. However, it all depends on your facial fauna. That means, what works for you may not necessarily work for others.


Question: Does the oil make the beard look matte or shiny?

Answer: The oil gives the beard a shiny appearance while the wax makes it matte. It is better to apply the oil after showering and then wax it before leaving the house.


Question: Can you use the oil if you have never grown a beard before?

Answer: This product is useful for people with a beard and does not promote beard growth despite its moisturizing capability.


Question: Does the oil promote growth of hair?

Answer: No, it does not.


Question: Does the oil contain hemp seed oil?

Answer: No. Honest Amish classic beard oil does not contain hemp seed oil.


Question: Does the oil tame the beard? Keep it neat and nice?

Answer: The oil makes the beard soft, giving it a healthy look.


Question: Can the oil help address the problem of scattered or patchy beard on my cheek?

Answer: No. The oil does not help grow a beard, it only helps keep it soft and healthy.


Question: How can one remove a stain from a shirt on which the oil has spilt?

Answer: The stain can be removed using oil WD-40. Use the WD-40 oil to reactivate the stain and then leave it to sit for 20 minutes. Thereafter, hand wash the shirt with dawn dish soap and hang to dry. You may repeat the procedure until the stain is completely removed.  


Question: Does the oil help with beard dandruff?

Answer: Yes. To eradicate dandruff, work the oil through your beard down to the skin. You can also complement the oil with Honest Amish beard shampoo for better results.


Question: How is the packaging of Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil? Can it be safely delivered to a person living outside the US?

Answer: The package is top notch and you can be rest assured that you will receive it intact after delivery.


Question: What is the best method for application? I tried rubbing the oil on hands and it did not work well. I then tried dropping directly on whiskers and combing, and this seemed to work well.

Answer: Both ways can do depending on an individual. However, if your beard has sort of become itchy, use the dropper to put the oil directly on the skin in different areas but this approach uses more oil.


Question: does the oil help grow a beard?

Answer: No, it does not. The oil is a conditioner intended to soften and moisturize your beard, not to grow it.  


Question: Is the oil scented?

Answer: Honest Amish classic beard oil is scented, however, Honest Amish Pure oil is unscented.


Question: I have a short beard. Should I use oil or the balm?

Answer: The oil is easier to apply when your beard is short. For longer beards, the balm is the best alternative.


Question: Do you need to rinse the oil out after application?

Answer: This is not necessary because you are only supposed to apply a small amount of the oil.  


Question: What is the scent of the oil?

Answer: It has a blended scent. This is because it is comprised of several essential oils including cedarwood, clove, anise, lavender, grapefruit, cinnamon, and peppermint.


Question: Does the oil wash away the color that remains after using Just for Men?

Answer: No. it cannot wash out the dye left after using Just for Men.


Question: Can the oil be used with a beard straightener?

Answer: Not sure. It depends on whether the straightener is hot? Like a hair straightener. If so, adding a flammable oil and then applying heat may not be safe.


Question: Does it go on dry or is there need for rinsing?

Answer: The oil should be applied to a damp or wet beard and left to settle for a while. This may be followed with gentle brushing. No rinsing is required.


Question: Is the oil tested on animals?

Answer: No. The oil is not tested on animals but on bearded men.

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